Welcome to apriljackeats! I’m April–the one who eats! After I finished graduate school, I moved to Chicago for 6 months. Then on January 1st I moved to sunny San Diego. Two cross-country moves in 1 year made their dent financially and none of the lunch options near my work really appealed to me. I started posting photos of my bento-style lunch boxes on Instagram to help hold myself accountable for bringing a healthy, nutritious, good-looking lunch to work everyday. The response has been amazing and positive so I started this blog to share my recipes, lifestyle, and foodie-finds with the world in more detail.

I’ve always loved to cook and bake, but I’ve always struggled to eat leftovers and bring my lunch to work reliably. The recipes I post here are simple, from scratch, use whole ingredients, and can be stored and transported for a beautiful presentation. Even at work. I hope you enjoy!

To contact me directly email: apriljackeats@gmail.com



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